Your signature scent reveals a lot about your personality and lingerie style. Find out what your fragrance style says about you...

1. Floral

The scent of a floral bouquet evokes memories of spring and impulsive but refined style. Let your senses be awakened by this elegant and timeless fragrance group. Embrace feminine and opulence lingerie in bold prints and playful colours.

Your Match: Couture Camelia Rose in Ivory / Floral Print

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2. Woody

This warm, sensual woody fragrance group exudes confidence. It is worn effortlessly by down to earth vixens. Those who crave this rich scent embrace their natural full curves. Wear this scent with effortless lingerie with subtle hints of glam such as a fashion forward underwire bra.

Your Match: VIP Chloe Grace in Dew

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3. Oriental

Spicy and exotic oriental scents are a natural fit for adventurous women. Those drawn to this unapologetically intense fragrance style feel at ease in provocative, opulent lingerie in rich, deep colours.

Your Match: Couture Noel Paige in Black / Rio Red

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4. Fresh

The aromatic and light quality of fresh fragrances is unmistakable. Wild heroines captivated by their wanderlust, curiosity and an affinity to nature will covet this clean scent. Soft, clean colours, such as blue or green, and light lace are a perfect fit for their heart racing lifestyle.

Your Match: White Label Kourtney Leigh in Cashmere Blue

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5. Cypre

This bold fragrance group is made up of rich natural scents such as bergamot and patchouli. Intense, sophisticated and extroverted women wear this powerful scent boldly.

Your Match: VIP India in Imperial Purple

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