Surrender to your wildest desires. There is no time like now to indulge in your guilty pleasures in the most spectacular fashion. Which of the seven sultry sins is irresistible to you, darling?

1. Lust

Give into your desires.

Your Match: Couture Lolita Winter in Red

2. Gluttony

Overindulge in romance.

Your Match: VIP Eva Louise in Ivory

3. Greed

Too much is never enough.

Your Match: VIP Imogen Rae in Ultramarine/Black

4. Sloth

Entice your lover to spend an entire day in bed.

Your Match: White Label Layla Belle in Rio Red

5. Wrath

Don’t hold back on love and life.

Your Match: VIP Penelope Jane in Ivory/Peach Bud

6. Envy

Be the source of desire.

Your Match: Couture Camelia Rose in Black/Floral Print

7. Pride

Keep your head and heels high.

Your Match: White Label Skylar Madison in Ultramarine