Introducing Sara Dinkin

The stylist, blogger, film maker and more who helped our recent Midnight In Bloom collection campaign come to life in Los Angeles.

What inspired you to be a stylist and creative?

Fashion, Art, Music and Film have always been passions of mine. I moved out to LA initially to attend FIDM. While I was in school I started working for a Designer, I spent a year there and then realised I was destined to be a Stylist.

Tell us about your blog Fancy Hipster?

My blog, Fancy Hipster, became a secondhand passion and platform to showcase inspiration and the work that I was/am doing.

What other projects have you been passionate about lately?

I made my first Short Film, a few months back, called, "Love Has No Age", which premiered at SXSW. This story really fell into my lap, and was such an organic film to work on.

How did you prepare for the Pleasure State photo shoot?

I spoke with the photographer Max Montgomery, and first asked what he envisioned, from there, I created a mood board with both of our visions.

What do you love most about styling lingerie?

I love lingerie... I myself will splurge on good lingerie. Even though it's 'so simple to style', you'd be shocked at the amount of work that needs to go into it, so that it reads the way it needs to in images.

What is the biggest mistake women make when styling lingerie?

Mismatching their sets.

How can women stylishly incorporate lingerie into their outfits?

By making it less visible...Your lover will be dumbfounded when they see your sexy set under those layers.

What is the sexiest way to style statement lingerie?

An effortless statement is the sexiest. If you're a risk taker your bra can be worn under a casual see through tee or button down.

What fashion rule should all women break?

Don't be afraid to show some skin.

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