We take bridesmaids duties very seriously. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get up to plenty of mischief from the hen's night to the last dance. Pop the champagne, primp your up-do and set your eyes on Mr Right Now.

Which Boudoir Bridesmaid are you?

The Champagne Flirt

This naughty bridesmaid knows that the evenings' possibilities are endless. Her playful and whimsical personality means that she's the first to volunteer at the hen's night and last to leave the dancefloor.

Your Match: White Label Cara Brie

The Ringleader

The Ringleader knows that the show must go on. She leads her boudoir bridesmaids with an unapologetically glamorous confidence. The bride knows that she can rely on her feisty spirit no matter the scandal.

Your Match: Couture Delilah Eve

The Burlesque Beauty

The Burlesque Beauty captivates all with her charm and effortless moves. Her extravagant, feminine style is as tantalising as it is bold.

Your Match: VIP Ellie Serena